SCOUT: A Consumer Analytics Tool for Health Systems

SCOUT is the most simple, powerful, and effective consumer analytics and mapping platform on the market for health systems. Visualize and report on inpatient and outpatient demand, providers and locations, payor mix, as well as consumer and market data.

Buxton’s location analytics provide in-depth consumer/patient insights, performance forecasting and potential analysis you need to make confident, accurate marketing planning decisions. Whether your goal is to get the most out of your existing ambulatory locations or identify the best new opportunities, Buxton’s analytics are essential tools for success.

Your job is to grow your business. Whether you have five locations or five hundred, Buxton in SCOUT is the perfect tool for the job. So let's say you currently have five locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, and you feel strongly that you have potential to grow. The first step is analyze and examine your current locations. Using your actual customer data, SCOUT shows you exactly how far customers are willing to drive to your locations with a drive time trade area. View every customer that's made a purchase at each location, and understand overlap and cannibalization. You have a hunch that north Fort Worth along I-35 is a great spot for a new location, but it doesn't look like any current customers are coming from this area. Is it simply due to drive time, or is it that your potential customers just aren't there? With Buxton's solution, you can view every household that matches your best potential customer profile - in other words, every potential customer who looks just like your best actual customers. One red dot equals one household. You can also see where your best potential customers work. It certainly looks like this location is a good opportunity for you. Are there any competitors in the area? Nope. You're starting to get a good feeling. If you really want to be sure you use Buxton's potential analysis tool, see every area in the market that scores above your threshold for revenue and below your threshold for cannibalization. These are your best potential locations. It looks like you could add five really top performing locations in DFW. You'll want to take it a step further and perform an in-depth analysis of a single potential location. SCOUT allows you to easily split the map to display additional data. You drop a pin on an address in the focus area to examine the potential site. Easily explore any area to understand population, ethnicity, age breakout, gender, finances, education, even get expenditure overviews. Quickly understand your potential by consumer types, both household and workplace. With SCOUT, you can move beyond demographics and focus on psychographics. See how people live their lives and how they spend their money. Get revenue forecasts for any potential site. See predicted sales and cannibalization. Split the map again, and add satellite views. Even use street view to see the actual site up close. Use the ruler tool to easily analyze how far away anything is from the location. You can add boundaries to the map; geographies, DMAs, zip codes, etc. Turn on territories, add territories, look up any business. Turn on any points of interest, including institutions, airports, business groupings by size. You can daypart traffic and view national profiles. It's all up to you, and it's all quick and easy. You can quickly bookmark anything to share or come back to later. You've never had a tool this powerful and this easy, and better yet, you can take it with you. SCOUT works great from any tablet or phone. All of these incredible features and all of this data right in your pocket. This is the tool to put customers at the center of your organization. Finally, you can have logical, fact-based discussion about where you need to grow in the market and where we don't. No more guessing. SCOUT and the analytics platform from Buxton. Contact us today for a full demo and to learn more about how Buxton can help you grow. 

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