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Buxton Provides Clients Access to Mobile Data

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (August 28, 2015) — As the industry leader in customer analytics, Buxton remains at the forefront of innovation by offering its clients access to mobile data. Mobile data, combined with Buxton’s household-level consumer datasets, can be used to enhance understanding of real estate site traffic, helping retailers and restaurants to make smart location investment decisions.

“Buxton has always been at the cutting edge of providing the retail and restaurant industries with answers to critical business questions,” said Tom Buxton, founder and CEO of Buxton. “Mobile data enhances our ability to answer these questions and can help provide a more complete picture of location potential.”  

Mobile data can be captured in two distinctly different ways – triangulation based on distance from a cell phone tower and GPS coordinates based on advertisements in user-downloaded apps. Buxton understands the various methodologies and provider landscape for mobile data, and can provide access to the appropriate dataset for the client’s need.

About Buxton

Buxton is the industry leader in customer analytics. Our analytics reveal who your customers are, where more potential customers are located and the value of each customer. More than 3,000 clients in the retail, restaurant, healthcare, private equity, and public sectors have relied on our insights to guide their growth strategies.

For more information, visit www.buxtonco.com

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