Buxton Publishes 2020 Retail and Restaurant Real Estate Outlook Featuring New Market Rankings Based on Retail and Restaurant Performance

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (Jan. 13, 2020) – Retail and restaurant performance by market is always evolving, as demonstrated by the market rankings recently released in Buxton’s “2020 Retail and Restaurant Real Estate Outlook” report. While the report indicates little movement in rankings year-over-year for large markets, smaller markets with less than 2 million in population reveal an active and vibrant industry.  

Of note in this year’s rankings is the Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla., market, which is one of the few DMAs with 2 million or more in population that saw significant positive rank changes in both retail and restaurant performance. Miami-Fort Lauderdale’s growth is expected to continue as it topped the list for projected rank gains in 2020.

California markets had a strong presence in large market rankings, while Texas markets were surprisingly weak – but gaining ground – relative to their peers. Meanwhile, the South’s love affair with food was on full display, as Southern markets made up 12 of the top 25 small markets based on restaurant performance. 

“In an evolving industry, consumer-based market intelligence is critical to success,” said Tom Buxton, CEO of Buxton. “We’re pleased to offer this glimpse into the current and future state of key retail and restaurant markets to the commercial real estate community.”

Buxton’s proprietary market rankings were developed using de-identified GPS data from opted-in consumer devices observed at 1,650 restaurant brands and 2,072 retail brands across the United States over a two-year period. The rankings account for six measures of performance and are split by industry, market size, and year.

In addition to market rankings, Buxton’s report also includes summaries of real estate market fundamentals and commentary on trends influencing retail and restaurant real estate decisions.

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