April 2021

Product Release Summary

Buxton's consumer intelligence technology is sporting some shiny new features! Our team has been working hard to bring you the latest tools, simplified, and we are excited to share them with you!

Key highlights in this release include:

Sharing your Match and Mobilytics reports just got easier. In addition to sharing a direct link to the report, you can now export summaries of the information you want to highlight in a sleek new format, making it easier than ever to incorporate Buxton's insights. Try uploading the image files to your property listings in CoStar, LoopNet, or Crexi to make your listing stand out from the crowd or embedding the images in a presentation or brochure. Exporting the report also puts the information into a print-friendly format for easy access to hard copies.

View Relative Volume Metrics

If you use Mobilytics to benchmark two places or two different time periods, you’ll now see a helpful chart that summarizes the relative volume of visits and visitors.

View Relative Volume Metrics Screenshot

Edit Benchmark Names

Give each of your study selections a custom title within a benchmarking scenario. This is especially helpful if you are benchmarking two time periods at the same place.

Edit Benchmark Names Screenshot

Edit Report Names

Do you want to send a Mobilytics report to someone for review, but wish you had given the report a more descriptive file name? You can now edit the report title even after the report has been completed.

Edit Report Names Screenshot

“Unsave” to SCOUT

Exporting your Mobilytics study reports onto the SCOUT map is a great way to visualize the visitor data in an intuitive geospatial format. If you use this feature a lot, you may end up with a lengthy list of map layers (we won’t judge), which can make it a bit tough to find what you are looking for in a hurry. Now you have the ability to “unsave” a Mobilytics study in SCOUT to keep your list of map layers focused on what you care about most.

Unsave to SCOUT Screenshot

We’ve made it easier for you to polish your Match reports before sharing them.

Edit Logos

Our Match reports feature a logo of the brand you are studying, should that logo be available in our database. If you want to add a missing logo or update a logo to a new version, now you can!

Match - Edit Logos

Edit Addresses

Match reports are generated from the point you click on in SCOUT. But what if the property you are trying to study is 17 Main Street and you accidently click 16 Main Street? You can now edit the address after running the report to ensure you are presenting the correct property.

Mobilytics - Edit Addresses Screenshot

Freight Truck Mobility and Automotive Ownership Insights

Buxton is constantly on the lookout for great new datasets that provide helpful insights. We’ve packaged two of our datasets into helpful new SCOUT map layers. Talk to your account manager or sales rep for more information if these layers sound like a fit for you.

Freight Truck Mobility Insights

Buxton recently obtained access to an exciting new trucking data set that features mobile data from commercial freight trucks. We’ve turned this data into a series of thematic layers for visualization in SCOUT. These layers show shaded grids around major roadways that illustrate the presence of commercial freight trucks.

Automotive Ownership Insights

If understanding consumer automobile ownership is high on your priority list, Buxton has a solution for you. Our block group level thematic layers can help you understand automobile ownership in a few key categories.

Have more questions?

Buxton clients can reference the SCOUT Knowledge Base or reach out to their account manager/SCOUT support rep. Not a Buxton client yet? Contact us to request a demo.