Branch Placement Analysis

Identify the optimal locations for current and future library branches.

What is it?

Buxton’s Branch Placement analysis shows you where there are infill opportunities for new library branches in your community and which existing library branches may need to be repositioned. Support your library planning discussions with third party market research.

What will the Branch Placement analysis do for me?

Understand what drives library branch performance.

Buxton analyzes your current branch performance to develop a custom site selection model for your library system. Learn what trade area and site factors contribute to branch success.

Identify opportunities for new branches.

Is your library system fully capturing demand, or are there opportunities for new branches? Buxton uses your site selection model to identify pockets of unmet demand and the optimal branch placement to meet that demand.

Evaluate current branch placement.

As neighborhoods shift over time, some current branches may suffer from low demand. Buxton can use your site selection model to identify the optimal placement of branches without regard to current locations, which can help to guide discussions about possible relocations.

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