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Business Retention

Retain the local businesses in your community by providing marketing tools and market intelligence.

What is it?

As city leaders know, a thriving retail sector is vital to the overall health of a community. While an important aspect of maintaining a growing business community is recruiting the right retailers for your city, an equally important mission is business retention—keeping existing retailers and restaurants in your business community. Buxton’s tools and analysis give local businesses the insights they need to thrive and remain in your city for years to come.

What will Buxton’s Business Retention products do for me?

Assist businesses with local store marketing.

As cities aid existing retailers in their marketing efforts, those retailers are more likely to stay and expand in your community. Buxton provides cities with licenses for LSMx, our award-winning local store marketing tool, which you can provide to local businesses to help them thrive.

Provide market intelligence to local businesses.

Buxton offers a variety of market intelligence reports through SCOUT, an application in the Buxton Analytics Platform, that existing businesses in your community can use to better understand the local customer base. With these insights, local businesses can optimize marketing and merchandising decisions.

Maintain employment levels.

Focusing on business retention maintains employment levels and strengthens the economy for your community’s residents.

Help create community culture.

Specific retailers and restaurants often become an important part of a community’s culture. By working to retain these retail establishments, you maintain your relationship with important community partners.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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