Buxton Analytics Platform

A centralized approach to growing your community.

What is it?

From economic development staff to the city manager and elected officials, the Buxton Analytics Platform provides city leaders with a centralized approach to economic development. With user-friendly reports and our Google maps-based SCOUT application, the platform helps you develop strategies to enhance the quality of life for your residents, grow local businesses, recruit new retail, or even attract more visitors.

What will the Buxton Analytics Platform do for me?

Utilize a centralized approach to economic development.

The Buxton Analytics Platform provides city leaders with the data, insights, and analytics necessary to craft a winning strategy for growth. Through the SCOUT application and the My Matches feature in the platform, you can access the results of your Buxton retail or tourism analysis.

Recruit new retail.

With the My Matches feature, you have access to your targeted retail matches and the contacts associated with those matches, equipping you to confidently pursue retailers and restaurants that will enhance your growing community. Track outreach activity to quickly report on economic development efforts to stakeholders.

Grow local businesses.

SCOUT provides instant access to business intelligence through a variety of helpful reports. Share these reports with local businesses so they have the data they need to be competitive in your market.

Attract more visitors.

Use SCOUT to visualize where your visitors come from to identify which markets you should target in future tourism marketing campaigns.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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