Resource Optimization

Optimize your library resource mix at the branch level.

What is it?

Buxton’s Resource Optimization analysis helps you to optimize your library system’s return on investment by identifying the best mix of resources for each branch based on the consumers in the trade area. Gain insights into your library borrowers and improve your resource allocation to maximize funding.

What will the Resource Optimization analysis do for me?

Understand who your library borrowers are.

Analyze who borrows resources from your library system to identify the types of consumers you attract at both an overall level and for specific resource categories.

Identify which resources should be placed at each branch.

Compare the borrower profiles by resource category to the consumers located near each of your existing branches to identify branches that over-index for specific types of resources. Optimize your library resource mix to maximize budgets.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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