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Customer Profile

Cut through the noise in your customer data and move beyond demographics to understand who your customers truly are.

Who are my best customers and what makes them unique?

In any type of franchise business, great things happen when you understand your customers. But despite the growth in customer data collection, many franchise organizations still don’t know who their customers truly are.

Customer Profiles that go beyond demographics.

Buxton’s Customer Profile Solution helps franchises to cut through the noise of big data and move beyond mere demographics to define the lifestyles of their core customers. When you understand what makes your customers unique and where consumers like them are located, you and your franchisees can select the right marketing, real estate, and operations strategies.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

We combine our datasets with your customer and unit performance data

To define who your best customers are, Buxton combines your customer and unit performance data with our robust internal datasets. We identify who your best customers are and provide you with detailed information on both their demographics and psychographics, which includes attitudes and behaviors. We can even develop profiles for relevant subsegments such as daypart, delivery channel, or region.

Visualize Your Customer Profile

Once complete, the profile is loaded into SCOUT, an application in our user-friendly Buxton Analytics Platform, so you can see where all of the potential customers who look just like your best customers live, work, shop, and dine.

Solution Features

What does the Customer Profile Solution do for you?

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