Franchise Unit Potential Analysis

Know your franchise’s unit growth potential across any market or region in the country.

What is it?

The Franchise Unit Potential Analysis is designed to help you take your franchise business to the next level of growth. Using your Site Selection Model and performance criteria, we assess how many franchise locations can be supported in a specific U.S. geography and identify which markets and trade areas offer the greatest opportunities.

What will a Franchise Unit Potential Analysis do for me?

Quantify your franchise’s market growth potential.

Know how to expand your franchise across a particular geography, identify the optimal number of units you and your franchisees should open, and understand which markets you should prioritize first.

Accelerate speed-to-market to plant your flag.

Start with an overview of your brand’s market potential and then narrow your focus to the most promising trade areas. Plant your flag in the best locations first to establish your presence in new markets.

Infill existing markets.

Buxton’s Franchise Unit Potential Analysis can be conducted as either an infill study to identify remaining market opportunities or as a whitespace analysis to identify optimal franchise unit placement without regard to existing locations.

Find your hot spots.

Know where your best potential trade areas are, and the hot spots within those trade areas, so you can efficiently guide franchisees in their search for available real estate.

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