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Healthcare Predictive Marketing Model


Product Description

A predictive marketing model is designed to help healthcare marketers achieve their communications goals by reaching the right households with the right messages, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Each model is custom built based on your campaign objectives, primary communications channel, and intended audience.

To develop the model, Buxton studies the household-level attributes of your patients to define their specific characteristics and the relative importance of those characteristics. Once the model is defined, we can apply it to your existing patient list or the households in your facilities’ trade areas to prioritize which consumers to include in your campaign.   


Each predictive marketing model purchase includes a detailed report of the model’s findings and a single page “persona” summary of the patient group that was studied. Additionally, Buxton provides an initial review of the target universe by using the model to score the households in the geography where you would like to conduct outreach to provide counts of the households most likely to respond. You can then license the names/addresses of those households through Buxton’s campaign execution solutions.  


You provide data such as: Unique location names and addresses, patient names and addresses, and patient visit history

Buxton provides: Household-level consumer demographic/psychographic data and other variables as needed

*Requirements vary based on the model objective and client. 


Predictive marketing models do not require any additional Buxton solutions to develop, but to fully utilize the model we recommend licensing names/addresses for campaign execution.

  • Predictive marketing models may be used as an input in the following additional products:
  • Marketing campaign execution (direct mail, email, or banner ads)

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