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Product Description

The patient profile defines your core patient to help you understand, at a household level, who your best patients are, where more people just like them are located, and the value each of these patients brings to your organization. The profile, which is based on the Mosaic 71 segmentation system, leverages your patient and performance records combined with our internal data sets covering 116 million households.

Profiles can be developed at an overall level or at a subcategory level depending on the level of data provided by the client. Subcategory profiles enable you to compare and visualize where unique populations live, such as primary care vs. urgent care, urban vs. rural, etc. 


Profile results are deployed to SCOUT, which allows you to visualize where your best potential patients are concentrated and identify areas of opportunity for your organization. We provide a PowerPoint presentation identifying your primary, secondary and tertiary core patient groups and their Mosaic segmentations, characteristics, affinities, lifestyles, marketing and media consumption preferences and more. Buxton also uses your patient profile, and any breakouts, to develop your site selection model(s).  


You provide data such as patient names and addresses. You may also provide patient visit history, which allows us to determine the value that different patients bring to your organization. For providers who are unable to provide patient data, Buxton can also develop a goal profile by leveraging our industry experience to identify your most likely patients.

Buxton provides: Household-level consumer demographic/psychographic data


Buxton recommends that the patient profile be deployed to the Buxton Analytics Platform to make best use of the patient visualization and reporting tools available in SCOUT.   

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