Patient Profile

Understand who your best patients are, where they live and work, and their value to your organization.


What is it?

What could your specialty healthcare organization accomplish with a centralized view of patients? Buxton’s Patient Profile allows you to understand who your patients are at a level of detail not possible with basic demographic or patient data. Identify who your best patients are overall or by payer type, where more people just like them are located, and the value each of these patients brings to your organization.

What will a Patient Profile do for me?

Move beyond demographics.

Our patient profiling system goes deeper than demographics to provide you with psychographic information on the lifestyles of your primary, secondary and tertiary core patient groups, using the Mosaic 71 segmentation system.

Understand patients at the household level.

Each patient profile is created by combining relevant data from Buxton’s datasets with your patient data to get a complete view of patients at the household level.

Identify opportunities.

Identify areas of opportunity by visualizing concentrations of your specialty healthcare organization’s core patients in SCOUT, an application in the Buxton Analytics Platform.

Break down silos.

With in-depth patient profiles, you can break down organizational silos and create patient-centric strategies for your real estate, marketing, and operations teams.

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