Current Portfolio Investment Opportunity

Discover upside potential in existing portfolio company locations by identifying underperforming and overperforming units.

What is it?

Buxton’s Current Portfolio Investment Opportunity assessment allows private equity firms to deploy capital effectively and minimize wasted resources by analyzing a portfolio company’s performance at the unit level. Identify which units meet or exceed expectations, and those that may require further investment or relocation. Develop a roadmap for optimizing portfolio company operations at the unit level.

What will a Current Portfolio Investment Opportunity assessment do for me?

Develop a roadmap to maximize potential and avoid cannibalization.

This analysis allows your portfolio company’s management team to cut through the clutter by separating each unit into one of four categories: Study, Grow, Reposition/Relocate and Optimize.

Study units with a high revenue forecast but low performance.

You have units that fail to reach their potential, but why? They are in the right trade area but may require further investment to reach their potential. Remodeling, operational changes, localized marketing and improved merchandising mixes are options to evaluate.

Replicate successful units.

By analyzing the units that have a high revenue forecast and high performance, the real estate team’s goal should be to find more locations just like these and operations should replicate the best practices of these units at other locations.

Identify units for relocation.

Units that are categorized as low forecast and low sales performance represent locations that likely do not warrant additional investment and may even be candidates for relocation or closure.

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