Buxton’s Restaurant Portfolio Audit Solution
Improve Existing Unit Performance

Portfolio Audit

Identify where to invest resources to improve average unit volume by understanding the underlying factors influencing restaurant performance.

How can I maximize the return on my current portfolio of restaurants?

Get your team the data they need to inform location-specific growth strategies. 

There is rarely consensus among restaurant leadership teams on how a specific location should be performing. Departments such as marketing, real estate, and operations all play a role in a location’s success, which is further complicated by underlying trade area factors such as competition, area draw, and changing demographics. With so many variables, how can you pinpoint where to invest to improve your current portfolio?

Use a data-driven approach to audit your restaurant portfolio.

Buxton’s Portfolio Audit Solution helps you to allocate resources more effectively by identifying restaurants with strong potential and restaurants that may no longer warrant additional investment. Our analytics give you insights into the underlying factors that drive restaurant performance so you can make intelligent location-level decisions regarding training, marketing, remodels, and relocations.

Identify which locations are in good trade areas but failing to reach their potential and which locations should be relocated. Improve average unit volume and increase the value of your business by making the right investments.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

Compare existing restaurant potential vs. actual performance

Each audit begins by developing daypart customer profiles and a custom site selection model to identify the factors that drive your brand’s performance. We use the model to score your existing restaurants and segment your portfolio into four groups by comparing potential to actual performance.

Insights to guide Restaurant-Level Strategy

We also provide insights into the factors driving each group’s score, based on the variables included in the model, to guide your restaurant-level strategies. You can explore and analyze each restaurant’s trade area further using the model, customer profiles, and other reporting tools in SCOUT, an application in the Buxton Analytics Platform.

Solution Features

What does the Portfolio Audit Solution do for you?

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Stay up-to-date on restaurant trends.