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One Unified Business Analytics Platform

Discover the power of customer analytics in one unified platform. From real estate to operations and marketing, get the critical answers you need to grow your business.

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SCOUT helps you to know your customers and competitors better than they know themselves, allowing you to make better site selection decisions and plan smarter growth strategies. With this knowledge, you can instantaneously compile relevant site information with just the click of a button. SCOUT brings the business analytics insights to you.

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A single platform to connect your people, technology, and data.


From analysts to the C-suite, the Buxton Analytics Platform connects your entire organization around a common understanding of your customers, markets and performance drivers.


With full mobile capability, you’ll be connected no matter where your work takes you. You can explore and interact with your data to actually see your locations, analyze new geographies, find new customers and see competitors in full color.

Business Analytics Data

Buxton works with your team to set up automatic data feeds into the Platform making data visualization and reporting a simple process. Beyond your data, we incorporate mobile data, credit card data and so much more to give you a complete picture of each piece of your business.

It’s easy and effective, because it’s built with your team in mind.


Utilize the new Buxton Analytics Platform to lead your team with confidence. Align your resources to provide a unified view of your business growth strategies – centered around your customers. When real estate, marketing, and operations all operate under a consistent customer view, execution of growth strategies becomes seamless and more effective.


Ideal for your entire marketing team to use for campaign planning and execution – all within the Buxton Analytics Platform. You know who your best customers are. We can help you find where everyone else who looks just like those customers lives and works, down to the household and individual levels. From here, reach them with highly targeted direct mail and digital marketing vehicles.

Site Selector

The Buxton Analytics Platform is your go-to resource for making confident, accurate site selection decisions. Whether you’re entering a new market, selecting sites to infill an existing market, or making a venture into another country, the Buxton Analytics Platform helps you evaluate opportunities before ever setting boots on the ground.


The Buxton Analytics Platform provides you with the most comprehensive set of easy-to-use analytical tools and reports available for you to provide insights to your management team. Analyze real estate, customers, and competitors more thoroughly and in less time than you ever thought possible.

business analytics platform that works on all devices

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