Daypart Optimization

Understand demand and potential by understanding dayparts.


Buxton’s Daypart Optimization allows you to understand the demand and potential for any trade area across the country by daypart. Whether your business is driven by the lunch crowd, dinner crowd, or happy hours, Buxton can forecast demand for all your types of customers.


What will the Daypart Optimization solution do for me?

Profile customers by daypart.

How do your lunchtime customers differ from your dinner customers? Daypart customer profiles give you insights to make important business decisions.

Optimize service offerings by time of day.

Determine which time of day is most profitable and which needs more attention, then align your service offerings accordingly.

Adjust operating hours and staffing levels.

By understanding the time of day/night with highest or lowest customer traffic, you can more effectively deploy your workforce to meet the needs of customers as well as determine if you are capturing all of your customers within your operating hours.

Discover underperforming time frames by location.

Determine the times of day that are underperforming their potential. Reallocate resources and embark on new marketing initiatives to reach your full customer potential.

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