Are Your Employees a Good Reflection of Your Corporate Values?

Having a HR background and working daily with retailers, one of the things I pay attention to when shopping at stores is how the employees treat the customers. I am passionate about customer service and it bothers me when I go into a store and I am ignored! If a customer does not have a positive experience at your store, the chances of them coming back are slim to not at all!

As a retailer, make sure your vision and values are communicated to your employees. I recently attended an employee meeting held by one of my retailer friends. He was meeting with all of his employees to affirm his company’s values below:

• Make a difference – work as a team, grow professionally, impact our community and impress, delight and respond to the customer.
• Make it personal – be passionate, be accessible, be accountable, respect others and do the right thing even when no one is looking.
• Make a point – communicate openly with the customer, listen earnestly, give feedback honestly and take input graciously.
• Make it happen – Use your talent, show initiative, take sensible risks, make a decision and follow through.

Now there’s a corporate culture we can all learn from…

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