Customers: Getting to know you

Working at a customer analytics firm, there are always articles about retailers or healthcare organizations analyzing data being forwarded or discussed throughout the office. This morning our CEO sent the latest in a string of articles on how retailers are utilizing customer data to predict customer behavior.

This is nothing new (we've been around since 1994 practicing these principles), but lately the media has focused on analytics and business intelligence, making it seem like the newest Apple product launch.

Here's a link to the USA Today article from today. A particular comment I found interesting is below:

"When there was a single store in town in the 1920s, that shopkeeper knew everything about his customers," says Sterneckert, VP of retail research at business advisory firm Gartner Group. "Now, you have mega chains where it's impossible for the store manager or buyer to know individual preferences. But they can analyze transactions and determine patterns."

In this day and age, there is no better way to know your customer.

So we welcome readers to learn more about customer analytics and how it can revolutionize the way you think about your customer, approach your growth strategy, and so much more. 

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