Did you Check the Mail?

It is a bit of a ritual to check the mail- come home, pet the dog, plop your stuff on the counter and grab the mail. Then it’s the boring bills, bills, junk, bills. But if you're lucky and you have been identified as a customer by a retailer, something glorious will come to your mailbox- a targeted coupon! My favorite comes from a women’s fashion retailer, $50 off a purchase of $150! Talk about a coupon!

But if I were to raid my sister's mail I would only see an offer for 10% off her purchase. Furthermore, she gets her offer every four months or so and I receive mine closer to every two. What a deal! Or is it just smart marketing?

This retailer knows I am a “best customer” for them. I shop their locations frequently; I have one of their credit cards and I purchase a variety of their merchandise. They also have 2 locations within 15 minutes of my house. My trendy business casual weekday attire is a mere reflection of their floor set; but I must admit, I wouldn’t shop as frequently and consistently without the direct mail offers. They make sure I don’t miss the seasonal trends or forget to shop.

So, do you know your best customer? Do you ever let them forget to shop? Buxton can help you identify and prioritize your customers to develop a marketing strategy so they keep coming in your doors.

What about customer acquisition? Buxton can also help you focus resources on those prospects whose behavior demonstrates they are most likely to become a new customer. This analysis generates a prioritized list of prospects to target for a direct mail campaign.

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