Governments Helping Local Retailers

How can local governments help retailers that are already located in their City and how small communities can increase foot traffic?

All across the country local governments are getting creative to help promote retailers already located in their city.

One example of what cities are doing is creating websites for local retailers. These sites give consumers detailed information for local shopping and dining establishments such as services, directions, store hours and links to store websites.

A perfect example is Santa Clara, CA. They have created for local retailers to advertise and promote their businesses. This program and site has helped Santa Clara jump back into the top 25 as one of the best retail cities in the nation.

The majority of communities have not utilized a local website for retailers to promote their businesses. That still does not seem to deter millions of retailers to take online advertising into their own hands. Local online advertising will reach 7.7 billion in 2009 as reported by Borrell Associates. They also report email marketing will increase 54% to $233 million by years end. Below is a list of great sites to showcase your local retail and restaurants:


One last note for small communities; local festivals and fairs for smaller communities is a great way for retailers alike to work together to showcase and promote all retail. What’s good for one is good for the other. Increasing foot traffic is a win/win situation for all. Generally when your retail neighbor increases sales and traffic, your numbers will increase as well. So working together to better increase the quality of life for citizens and consumers alike will help promote and enhance shopping and dinning opportunities for all.

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