ICSC Looks At Real Estate 2010

In a recent poll taken by the International Council of Shopping Centers, as a whole the retail and development community are looking forward to a healthier 2010.

The survey, taken by ICSC's SmartBrief publication, shows that 47% of real estate executives polled feel like federal lending programs are necessary for the commercial real estate sector to turn around. Another 37% feel that time will heal the real estate market.

Real estate executives polled also feel that China will be the first market to rebound in 2010. North America comes in as the second market to rebound, with 24.8% of the votes.

When polled on what retail trends will affect the commercial real estate industry the most in 2010, the increase or decrease of consumer confidence received the highest interest at 52%. Approximately 25% of executives feel that landlord and tenant negotiations will affect the market, and almost 19% feel that more retailer bankruptcies will come into play.

The upcoming year will hold a new and exciting marketplace for retailers - focus on customers from all aspects (experience, marketing, merchandising) will no doubt play a huge roll in 2010. When focusing on the bottom line - customers - retailers are in the best position to win this next year.

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