Improving Efficiences at Outpatient Facilities

Improving Efficiences at Outpatient Facilities

Do you feel like your healthcare system lacks a true understanding of which service lines should be leveraged at your outpatient facilities?

Recently a 300 bed hospital in the Midwest approached us about improving efficiencies across their ambulatory network. Using available facility, patient and visit data we were able to develop benchmark models as well as physician deployment models for Primary Care, Urgent Care, Occupational Rehab, and Health & Wellness service lines.

Eventually this led to a market optimization study of the system's entire service area, complete with electronic maps and site scores that evaluated all existing locations and analyzed potential sites.

The findings help to drive decisions on where and how to deploy specific services and physicians to improve performance at each location.

Hear from Nikki Viner of Mercy Health on how she takes a data-based approached to optimizing their healthcare network.