More affordable space leads to out of the box retailing

While some retailers are shutting their doors, leading to ever growing dark spaces in community store fronts, others are taking advantage of the lower lease rates these vacancies leave in their wake. Retailers still in expansion mode are beginning to adapt their plans to include this existing space, in some cases adapting their models to include new approaches to meet the desires and needs of the consumer.

New lease opportunities are leading to creative location strategies for some retailers. For communities making mad dashes to attract the likes of Kohl’s and Forever 21 to fill those big box vacancies this can mean fewer barriers to entry among those retailers looking for specific requirements. The retail climate is shifting, and if that vacant Mervyn’s, Linens ‘n Things or Circuit City is becoming a thorn in your side, find hope in this article on Big Lots – times are changing.

Journey Awareness Persona Economic Development/Elected Official City Government