Municipal Golf Courses – Convert Your Red Ink to Lush Greens

So are you like St. Paul, MN? Do you have municipal golf courses that are operating at a deficit? Would you like for those golf courses to be a profit center for your municipality? How nice would that be?

In St. Paul rounds of golf at municipal courses are down. Here is how Buxton works to provide an executable strategy to turn your course’s performance around:

Know Your Golfers – this is more than shaking hands and saying “Hi there”. We are talking about what leading edge retail and healthcare firms do – enriching customer records with Buxton’s household level data insights in order to identify the profile of your core golfers.

Know Your Course’s Trade Area – When you define where your golfers are coming from in terms of a drive time trade area you instantly narrow your focus in acquisition and retention efforts (which maximizes marketing efficiency and effectiveness for a greater return on investment) and identify threats and impacts from competing courses.

Know The Value of Your Golfers – by analyzing the trade areas, competitive forces, and the profile of your core golfers you can understand the value of every single golfer that has stepped foot on your course and, more importantly, provide you with a tool to go out and find more golfers just like them… that tool is…

Implement a Targeted Direct Marketing Strategy – use your marketing dollars wisely by target marketing instead of broadcast marketing. Direct marketing is cheaper when you target both your potential and existing golfers at the household level with offers. Measure the results and repeat.

Generate Advertising Dollars – when you know the profile of your golfer you know their DNA as a consumer. This knowledge translates into analytics that allow you to sell prime advertising space (scorecards, golf carts, benches, etc.) at prime rates to companies that offer services and brands that resonate with your core golfers.

Municipal golf courses, like other municipal amenities, serve an important role in increasing the overall quality of life of your citizens. However, unlike many other municipal amenities, golf courses offer the potential to serve as profit centers. The best way to turn a profit is to market the course, which should be viewed as an asset rather than an albatross, the way that private sector businesses market their services. Buxton can quickly and economically help your municipal golf course improve its performance and increase its market share. Email us today with questions about your golf courses. We would love to help you.

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