So Where Is Buying Groceries Cheaper: Wal-Mart or a typical grocery store?

Well, that depends on how you shop?

 While it’s granted that Wal-Mart, is the low price leader, if you shop with coupons on “in-store” specials then you can really save a lot of money.

I can personally attest to this. My wife is using a new shopping technique that pairs coupons, which can be doubled or tripled, with in-store specials and has cut our weekly grocery bill down by an average of 59%!!! So you may ask, what is the secret?

It’s a website called the Grocery Game, This website monitors local grocery ads and can match up the coupon circulars in the Sunday paper with local grocers and lets you know what is a great deal….or what is basically free.

You pay a small fee to see what grocers have what items on sale. This website matches up past coupons with these weekly sale items and flags them as either:

  1. A really good savings,

  2. A great deal and stock up, or

  3. Free item

Some items that we have got completely free include rice cakes, bread buns, paper plates, and hand soap. While Wal-Mart does not double or triple coupons, other grocers do and this is where the majority of the savings come into play. So if you have the time to shop at two different stores instead of one, this could be a good way to save on a tight budget.

Scott Place is a Senior GIS Analyst at Buxton.

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