What does the Publix expansion mean for Harris Teeter?

According to a number of reports, Publix is expanding into Harris Teeter country. A big question this brings up is "What does that mean for Harris Teeter?".

Let's start out by saying both grocery chains are very well-operated. Due to this fact, analysts are saying the two grocers will compete head-to-head.

A lot of the things I've read is how savvy Publix is and moving north is part of their plan and they'll keep moving past the Carolinas in no time.

After talking with our internal grocery experts, they think Harris Teeter will likely weather the new competition just fine. In the grocery space, being first to the market is huge. That, coupled with the fact that Harris Teeter is an extremely data-focused company gives them huge advantages. Not only do that they analyze their data, but combine it with other data sets to focus on the full potential of each location.

Harris Teeter understands the North Carolina market well, they are aggressive with their loyalty offers and have done a great job appealing to customers in growing, urban metro markets.

It will be interesting to see how marketshare changes and to see how Harris Teeter counters Publix's encroachment on their territory.

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