Benchmark Site Score Model

Support critical site selection and real estate decisions with Buxton's benchmark site score model.

A benchmark site score model is one of the five primary types of site selection models that Buxton can create and is a popular option for clients in many industries. The model allows you to assess the expected performance of any site based on variables that are found to correlate with your organization’s performance. Those variables may include factors such as your unique consumer profile, distance decay rates, presence of competitors, co-tenancy, area draw, healthcare supply and demand (for healthcare models), and more. Buxton’s analytics team tests potential model variables to determine which ones should be included in each client’s unique model.    

Most clients choose to build one overall benchmark site score model based on their core business, but Buxton can develop multiple models for clients with diversified business lines – such as different healthcare specialties or different retail departments.  

Output & Utilization

The benchmark site score model is deployed to SCOUT for on-demand access. When you use the model to score a site, the model generates a site score report with an index score that tells you how a site’s predicted performance compares to your average performance. If a score of 100 represents your average site performance, a 120 score indicates that the site is expected to perform 20% better than average. The site score report also provides a list of important model variables with their index scores or actual values so you can see how the overall score was derived.  

Data Requirements

You provide data such as: Unique location names and addresses, performance metric (often revenue or visit volumes) by month, location open and close dates, customer/patient names and addresses, customer/patient transaction or visit history, addresses of pipeline locations 

Buxton provides: Competitor locations, supply and demand data, consumer demographic/psychographic data, and other variables as needed (e.g. healthcare payer data) 

Buxton will work with you to set up a data feed to keep your location and consumer data up-to-date in the platform. 

*Requirements vary based on the model objective and client. Your Buxton representative will work with you to define the requirements and minimum sample set size to ensure a statistically sound model. Clients who do not wish to provide patient/customer data or are unable to provide this data may consider Buxton’s automated or enhanced site score models.    


Benchmark site score models typically include at least one consumer profile and require a SCOUT subscription in order to access the site scoring tool. 

Benchmark site score models may be used as an input in the following additional products: 

  • Portfolio Audit  
  • Optimizer
  • Territory Optimization Analysis 

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