Buxton’s Customer Value Site Score Models

Customer Value Site Score Model

Assess the potential of a selected location based on the most critical variable for real estate success: customer potential.   

A customer value site score model is one of the five primary types of site selection models that Buxton provides. This model is a great option for organizations in early growth stages.   

Like all of Buxton’s site selection solutions, the customer value site score model provides confidence in real estate decisions but concentrates on a single critical metric: customer potential. Each model leverages our proprietary customer value scoring methodology to help you find sites with the greatest customer potential and benchmark them against your existing locations. 

Output & Utilization

The customer value site score model is deployed to SCOUT for on-demand access. When you use the model to score a site, the model generates a site score report. Each report will show you the site’s overall customer value index score, which is based on the proximity of consumers who match your core customer profile. A score above 100 means that the site has better than average customer potential. Additionally, the report includes key metrics for other variables to give you a complete view of the site.   

Data Requirements

You provide data such as: Unique location names and addresses, customer/patient names and addresses 

Buxton provides: Consumer demographics/psychographics, other variables for score report selected based on industry experience  

If desired, Buxton will work with you to set up a data feed to keep your location and consumer data up-to-date in the platform. 


Customer value site score models include at least one consumer profile and require a SCOUT subscription in order to access the site scoring tool. 

Customer value site score models may be used as an input in Optimizer. 

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