Market Opportunity Analysis for Healthcare Organizations
Prioritize and Optimize Markets

Market Opportunity

Deploy capital more efficiently by prioritizing markets and identifying how many facilities each market can support in different scenarios. Grow market share and gain a competitive advantage.

How many facilities can I have and where should they be located to optimize my presence in each market? 

When it’s time to expand your facility network, how do you identify which markets present the best opportunities? And once you’ve entered a market, how do you determine the number of locations it can support and where those facilities should be placed?

Know how many facilities each market can support based on different scenarios. 

Buxton’s market opportunity solution helps you to maximize the opportunities in your current and future service areas by identifying how many facilities each market can support and where each facility should be placed. Our analysis allows you to define your inventory of top potential locations for future growth. Best of all, we show you what your network could look like based on different scenarios so you can pick the path that is best for you.

By understanding your network opportunities in each of your markets, you can optimize your resource allocation to achieve your growth objectives while reducing waste.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

| We develop a consumer profile and model.  

Our solution begins by developing a consumer profile and site score model so we can assess opportunities based on factors that influence performance, such as competition, demographic trends, and healthcare demand. This analysis can be conducted by service line or facility type if desired. 

| We analyze your markets of interest. 

The site score model is then used to analyze hundreds of potential sites in your target geography to identify the optimal combinations. The results of the analysis are deployed to SCOUT, our user-friendly mapping and reporting application, so you can quickly visualize your best market opportunities and plan your strategy.

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