Visual Analytics Dashboards for Healthcare

Optimize marketing effectiveness and ROI with Buxton’s approach to developing visual analytics dashboards.   

Buxton’s visual analytics dashboards present visual answers to your most important KPI questions such as, “Am I retaining and adding enough of my best patients / customers?” and “What return am I getting from marketing?”

By combining your data with Buxton’s world-class consumer intelligence, analytical experience and extensive datasets, the solution will enhance your insights into all elements of your organization, enabling faster decision making and accelerating market share growth.

Output & Utilization

Buxton will work with you to establish automated feeds to your database and build out a marketing campaign dashboard with a live connection to our Tableau server, which provides a live data view of how your campaigns are performing, what your response rates are, and how much revenue has been generated by your campaigns. The dashboard can be tailored to your needs and key metrics. For banner ad campaigns, Buxton can also build a dashboard showing standard campaign KPIs to help you understand how successfully each of your digital marketing campaigns met its objective.

Buxton provides a range of other options in addition to marketing dashboards, such as executive summary dashboards to assess location performance, customer/patient dashboards to identify your best customers/patients, and product dashboards to understand which products drive success.

Data Requirements

You provide data such as: Unique location names and addresses, first and last names and addresses, and visit history or transaction history

Buxton provides: Household-level consumer demographic/psychographic data and other variables as needed

*Requirements vary based on the objective and client.


Visual analytics dashboards require an automated data feed to ensure the data being presented is as accurate as possible. Additionally, you must have the most recent version of Tableau downloaded to access the dashboard. 

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