Portfolio Audit Solution for Healthcare Organizations
Improve Existing Facility Performance

Portfolio Audit

Identify opportunities to maximize the performance and return on investment for your existing facilities. 

How can I maximize the return on my current portfolio of facilities?

Are you maximizing utilization of your existing facilities, or are you leaving opportunities on the table?

Get a deeper understanding of facility performance and opportunities. 

Buxton’s portfolio audit solution takes the guesswork out of facility investment by providing an unbiased, data-driven assessment of your existing facilities. Whether your goal is to identify opportunities to add new service lines at existing facilities or to pinpoint the locations that are failing to reach their full potential, our custom analysis can give you the answers you need to make intelligent, location-level decisions. 

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

| We assess existing facilities.  

Each audit begins by developing a consumer profile and site score model, which combines demand, competition, and other relevant variables to define potential. We use the models to score your existing facilities. Depending on your goals and site score model type, the assessment may seek to determine which locations are good candidates for additional service lines or to identify locations that aren’t reaching their full performance potential. 

| We provide you with tools to develop facility-level strategies.   

You can explore and analyze each facility’s trade area further using the model, consumer profile, and other healthcare reporting tools in SCOUT, our user-friendly mapping and reporting application.

What does the portfolio audit solution do for you?

Get the right answers. Make great decisions. Drive results.


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