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In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, having the right insights to guide your business decisions is critical. Buxton can help you to understand who your patients are as consumers, identify your best potential markets and locations for growth, and assess the value and service line opportunity in your current real estate portfolio. Armed with this knowledge, your team is empowered to make the right decisions to improve access strategy and grow market share. 

Choose the Experience That's Right for Your Organization

Healthcare organizations aren’t one-size-fits-all. Neither is Buxton. Whether you are looking for a consumer intelligence platform that empowers your team to conduct research in-house, a full-service agency that answers big questions for you, or a combination of both, we have the platform and solutions you need to guide strategic decisions.  

Healthcare Platform


Need answers on demand? Our platform is home to a growing collection of SaaS applications with one mission: helping you to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions. Access the insights you need whenever and wherever you want through on-demand reporting and analysis tools. If desired, you can integrate our custom solutions to further enhance the platform’s native capabilities. 

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Healthcare Solutions


Making complex decisions often calls for complex analysis. Our team of analytics experts works with you to define your goals and then conducts advanced analysis to show you the path forward. Best of all, most of our solutions include access to customized tools deployed to our platform, giving you continued access to answers on demand. Turn chaos into clarity with Buxton. 

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“Today, we have a platform that allows us to not only search, which is interesting, but also validate. There are certain markets that we know, or feel we know, are the right markets, and we can use the tool today to really go with confidence to our steering committees and our boards and say, 'This is our growth strategy. This is our plan. And here's the data to support it.' Buxton is an integral part of validating and supporting that.”

- CityMD 

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Select your goals to learn how Buxton can help you reach them. 

Select the right sites.

Site Selection

Add New Facilities

Open home run locations and avoid expensive mistakes to grow market share.

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Identify my market opportunities.

Market Opportunity

Prioritize and Optimize Markets

Deploy capital more efficiently by prioritizing markets and identifying how many facilities each market can support. Grow market share and gain a competitive advantage.

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Optimize my current portfolio of facilities.

Portfolio Audit

Improve Existing Facility Performance

Identify where to invest resources to maximize return. Understand the underlying factors influencing facility performance or identify opportunities to add services.

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Understand my consumers.

Consumer Profile

Define Your Patients

Cut through the noise in your patient data and move beyond demographics to understand who your patients truly are as consumers.

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Acquire or retain patients.

Patient Acquisition and Retention

Optimize Marketing Strategies

Grow your patient base by targeting the right households with the right message and the right marketing vehicle.

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Plan operating or franchise territories.

Territory Planning

Maximize Territory Planning

Define the ideal territory layout to efficiently deploy home health services or support franchise growth.

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