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How do retail recruitment and retention strategies help increase my tax base?Buxton can help you with that.

How do I recruit new retail and restaurants?

To be most effective with retail recruitment and business strategies, you must think like a retailer. By understanding who your citizens are as consumers, where a retailer can expect to draw these consumers from and the value of the customers to their brand, you will be positioned for success.

How do I increase my tax base?

By attracting new commercial development, you can increase your tax base. New retail development creates several tax revenue streams - sales tax, property tax, and income tax through the jobs created.

How do I increase tourism?

Increasing tourism begins with understanding who your best visitors are, where they are coming from, and then which visitors are the most valuable to your city. This knowledge helps to allocate budgets, prioritize markets and identify new visitors to target.

How do I make data-driven decisions to city services?

Making a data-driven decision for city services begins with understanding the exact question. Buxton excels at helping our client cities make these decisions by leveraging our 250+ consumer behavior data sets to address the specific question.

A unified view of your growth opportunities from a single platform.

Retail Matching - predictive analytics platform features for city governments

Retail Matching

Market Validation - city government analytics platform feature

Retail Market Validation

Retail Gap Analysis - city government analytics platform feature

Retail Gap Analysis

Business Retention - predictive analytics platform features for city governments

Business Retention

Retail Matching
Retail Market Validation
Retail Gap Analysis
Business Retention

From the city manager to elected officials and economic development staff, SCOUT Touch provides city leaders with a centralized approach to growing your community.

When city leadership is all behind the same recruitment and retention strategy, execution becomes easy so you enhance the quality of life for your citizen, grow local business and recruit new retail.

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