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Red Wing Shoe Company Optimizes Corporate and Dealership Networks Using Buxton’s Analytics


Red Wing works with Buxton for store expansion efforts and customer profiling

Marissa Dille, director of real estate development at Red Wing Shoe Company, talks about how Buxton's customer analytics have helped the company to identify pockets of opportunities based on best customers and to grow both the corporate and dealership location networks.

I’m Marisa Dille the director of real estate development at Red Wing Shoe Company.

Red Wing is a premium work footwear manufacturer, we have a great legacy, a great heritage brand. The quality behind our product we stand behind it. We’re that utilitarian, workbook manufacturer that our modern craftsmen have come to love.

In 2010, that’s when we actually partnered with Buxton and decided ‘yes, this is the modeling and the data that we want to us or we want to have Buxton use to help us with our store expansion efforts.’

With the robust data that we collected, our point of sales system were, with Buxton’s help, able to profile who is that Red Wing customer, who is that modern craftsman, where does he live, where does he work, where is he shopping, and with that information we’ve been able to understand where those pockets of Red Wing customers are, and that’s really helped us develop a strategy for where we want to place our Red Wing stores.

There are variations in the two models, corporate versus dealership, and so when we really look and understand those customers and those markets where we’re expanding, we do see that the variables are a little bit different. In the expansion mode that we are in, we’re currently expanding more through our dealer network, and that’s just a choice of how we want to allocate our capital at Red Wing Shoe Company.

SCOUT is a really robust system that helps us analyze markets and assess particular intersections and sites and we are in there daily, running site scores and understanding the dynamic. Because we have both corporate stores, and what we call dealership stores, there are differences in those variables and being able to study and understand what those are and what contributes to the success of a Red Wing store.

We really are diligent about who we do business with at Red Wing Shoe, and the vendors and suppliers that we bring in, we want them to have the same values and be the experts in their business and that’s Buxton. The fact that Buxton came in and really became a partner in our business really set Buxton apart from other analytics firms that are out there.

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