How can I sell more franchises?Buxton can help you with that.

How do I sell more territories?

Buxton’s household-level data solutions allow you to map and prioritize look-alike customers who you're not currently serving. We give you the answers to know how many potential customers are in a given territory and SCOUT allows for quick customer demand data visualization.

How do I maximize market potential?

Buxton’s Territory Optimization maximizes market demand based on potential customer opportunity and will guide you to reach market saturation.

Where do I plant my flag in new markets?

Buxton’s solutions identify the “best” site in a market. By providing guidance to franchisees on where to start, you'll increase the odds of successful market entry and make sure your franchisees complete their development agreements.

How do I support franchise development and expansion as businesses grow?

Buxton’s solutions help you get more dollars out of your existing customers, and find great new customers in existing or new territories. Using granular insights of your best customers optimizes your marketing budget by channel, reducing dollars and driving new customers more efficiently.

A unified view of your growth opportunities from a single platform.

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franchise sales roadmap - predictive analytics platform features

Franchise Sales

territory optimization - business analytics platform feature

Territory Optimization

U.S. market potential analysis - business analytics platform feature

U.S. Potential

franchise growth tools - predictive analytics platform features

Franchise Growth

Franchise Sales
Territory Optimization
U.S. Potential
Franchise Growth

SCOUT allows you to fully leverage your franchise marketing systems, providing you with the ability to evaluate new sites as well as visualize location, market and customer information. Leveraging SCOUT you can increase the speed of your franchise development and franchise expansion efforts.

This tool provides a centralized view of your customer and your growth strategies with just the click of a button whether you’re in the office or in the field.

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Answers for Growth.

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