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In an age of increasing competition & shrinking budgets, how do you grow market share?Buxton can help you with that.

How do I select the best outpatient facilities?

Buxton’s Site Selection Solutions give you the competitive advantage to grow with confidence, approaching real estate decisions with the same tools that successful retailers employ. Know your optimal facility footprint for every service line you offer.

How do I improve the performance of my existing facility portfolio?

Buxton’s Existing Portfolio Analysis enables you to evaluate all of your existing facilities to see which locations are under-performing their potential. You can also optimize your service lines, allowing you to add successful revenue streams into existing facilities that currently do not offer those services.

Use healthcare data analytics to market to the best potential patients.

Buxton’s Targeted Marketing Solutions allow you to understand who exactly your patients are for a particular service line and then find where everyone who looks just like those patients live, down to the household-level, anywhere in your markets. From here, you can talk to them via highly targeted direct mail and digital marketing vehicles.

How do I measure my marketing spend to demonstrate R.O.I.?

Buxton’s Campaign Management Dashboards enable you to evaluate your marketing performance on an on-going, automated basis. Learn which marketing channels and campaigns are working better than others, and re-allocate marketing spend to continuously improve marketing return on investment.

A unified view of your growth opportunities from a single platform.

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Site Selection

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Market Optimization

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Service Line Optimization

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Patient Profiling

Site Selection
Market Optimization
Service Line Optimization
Patient Profiling

SCOUT is the tool that puts all of your decision-makers on the same page – from the strategy team to the marketing and real estate groups – this healthcare data analytics platform provides everyone with a centralized view of your patients.

And by understanding your patients – who your best patients are, where more patients who look just like them live and work, and the potential value of all of them – we deliver powerful answers and drive the growth of your organization. Let us give your organization the answers it needs to grow.

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