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Retail is evolving. Are you keeping up?Buxton can help you with that.

Will a retail market analysis help my business expand with confidence?

Buxton’s Sales Forecasting and Site Selection solutions provide you the confidence needed to successfully expand. The solutions provide an inventory of top-performing potential locations, allowing you to grow in a proactive, not reactive manner. Open up new home run locations, while avoiding expensive misses.

I have too many stores. How do I optimize my existing store footprint?

Buxton’s Sales Forecasting and Site Selection Solutions provide you the tools needed to "reimagine" your retail footprint, helping you understand how to maximize customer growth, while reducing a bloated store count.

Where do I grow in urban areas? How about rural?

Buxton’s retail market analysis solutions take into account differences in store performance by population density. Knowing the factors that drive successful sales in different types of trade areas unlocks areas of growth in urban and rural America, once thought out of reach.

How do I target market to the best potential customers?

Buxton’s Targeted Marketing Solutions allow you to understand who exactly your best customers are and then find where everyone who looks just like those customers live, down to the household-level, anywhere in the U.S. From here, you can talk to them via highly targeted direct mail & digital marketing vehicles.

A unified view of your growth opportunities from a single platform.

Journey Consideration Persona RE/Site Selector Marketer Analyst Retail Franchise
retail market analysis - sales forecasting features with SCOUT

Sales Forecasting

retail market analysis - market optimization features with SCOUT

Market Optimization

retail market analysis - cannibalization analysis features with SCOUT


retail market analysis - competitor analysis features with SCOUT

Competitor Analysis

Sales Forecasting
Market Optimization
Competitor Analysis

From the c-suite to your analysts, marketing, real estate and operations teams, SCOUT puts all of your decision-makers on the same page providing a centralized view of your customer and your growth strategies.

And when you absolutely know who your customer is, and where existing and potential customers are, then you have the keys to success.

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