Answers for Retail Growth

Retail brands turn to customer analytics for expansion strategies.

Proactive retail concepts have learned that by utilizing customer analytics in their expansion strategy, they minimize the risk of opening an underperforming location, increase the odds of opening new locations that meet or exceed revenue projections, and have a fully comprehensive view of your customers. We discuss the changing retail environment in this video including site selection, targeted marketing, omnichannel analysis, and market potential.

>> PAUL SCHLESSINGER: Back in the dark days, manufacturers controlled retail. Henry Ford opened an auto plant and said, “Hey guess what, you buy any car you’d like, as long as it’s a Model T, and as long as it’s black. Control moved from manufacturers to retailers. They heyday of the big box stores. But today, control is in the hands of the customer. That presents a lot of opportunity, bring a lot of complexity, and a lot of risk. Which brings us to Buxton. Why do you want Buxton in your corner? One, to minimize the risk that you’re going to spend a lot of capital and a lot of expense on a location that underperforms- point one. Two, to increase the odds that you’re going to pick winners, not losers as you go forward- point two. And point three, because you need to understand your customer. Because today, your customer controls retail. Your customer can buy what they want, when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. What Buxton brings to the party is in depth knowledge of your customer. In depth knowledge, in fact, of every household in the United States. With our data resources, our analytics capabilities, our skillset, our 20+ years of experience helping our customers making better decisions. You, in turn, will be making better decisions about where your customers are and where to open your next store, or you next practice, or your next office. That’s why Buxton. Get the right answers, make great decisions, drive results. This is how you grow your business. Buxton, answers to growth.

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