Healthcare Analytics Platform

The Future of Analytics is Here.

Buxton is excited to launch the Healthcare Analytics Platform. The data visualization and mapping platform gives healthcare providers the combination of analytics, data and tools to grow market share. The platform connects strategy, operations, real estate, finance and facilities departments, providing everyone with a centralized view of the organization's patients. Used in combination with Buxton's analytics, the customizable platform allows users to forecast the potential for any location, optimize service lines for facilities, evaluate the performance of the existing facility portfolio, understand inpatient and outpatient demand, and much more. The platform is optimized for both desktop and mobile device use, providing professionals with easy access to analytics for decision making both in the office and offsite.

[intro music] >>BILL STINNEFORD: Healthcare is evolving rapidly. The consumerization of the industry is only increasing. Competition is everywhere. In this kind of environment, how are you supposed to maintain your market share, let alone grow it? Well, to do that you first need to truly know who your patients really are and not just demographically, but how they live their lives, how they spend their money, how they behave as consumers of healthcare. We took everything we know our clients, their patients and our technology, and developed a new platform with one goal in mind, getting you the answers you need to grow. Buxton: This is Your Analytics Platform. A collection of simple, easy to use, persona driven apps designed with your entire team in mind: Strategy, Operations, Real Estate, Finance, Facilities, Marketing. With Buxton, you’ll have the data and tools you need to understand inpatient and outpatient demand. You can understand populations based on payer type. Know where all of your competition is. Know where the providers are by specialty. Select the best sites for new facilities. Forecast potential for any location. Evaluate your existing locations to see which aren’t meeting their potential. Optimize your service line offerings. Plan and optimize current and potential markets. Conduct efficient and effective patient acquisition campaigns. You can easily add all of your data and when you combine it with Buxton’s data, you have access to insights you’ve never seen before. To improve the health of your patients, you need to change their behavior. To change their behavior, you have to first understand it more than just demographics. How do these people live their lives? How do they spend their money? What are their attitudes towards healthcare? That’s the value that Buxton provides, true understanding. And when you understand who your patients really are, you create long term relationships that matter. These are your patients. Here is how they’re different. Here are more people that look just like them. This is how you reach them with the right message and the right vehicle. Get the right answers, make great decisions, drive results. This is how you grow your market share. Buxton: Answers for Growth.

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