How Fitness Franchise Discover Strength Uses Buxton for Development

Discover Strength works with Buxton to support franchise development.

Scott Breimhorst, vice president of franchise development at Discover Strength, was tasked with expanding the business outside the company's home market and guiding franchisees in their site selection decisions. Using Buxton's analytics, he has identified market expansion opportunities and helped increase franchisees' confidence in their location investments. Watch the video to learn how Buxton has solved Discover Strength's pain points and propelled them beyond the Twin Cities.

Hi. My name is Scott Breimhorst. I am the vice president for franchise development at Discover Strength fitness franchising.

Prior to using Buxton, we were trying to understand where the markets were that we should be entering into outside of the Twin Cities market, which we know very well.

Buxton gives us the data to feel confident moving to other markets where we don't currently have a Discovery Strength presence because of how, the data is aggregated, put together, and then demonstrated on the Buxton map. Buxton helps us solve our pain points by putting the tools in the dashboard right at our finger tips. In our process, future franchisees are introduced to Buxton very early on, on within the first thirty minutes of the first presentation. They get an understanding of who we're looking for and where they live in the markets.

Then as we move through the process of helping them understand, is the place they would like to open a Discover Strength actually a viable Discover Strength? We can use the Buxton tools to help guide them one way or the other. Ultimately, at the end of the process, when they're really honing in on those future locations and deciding if they should plunk down large sums of money to open the location and build it out and, agree to the lease, we can give them some confidence with the Buxton data that this is or is not a great decision for them.

If I was talking to another fitness franchise development professional who is considering Buxton, I would tell them that I've looked at several systems.

Nobody has the tools, the depth, the power of Buxton across the board to show you where your franchisees should be working to develop your future franchises.

That's number one. Number two, the customer service of Buxton over the years that I've been working with them is absolutely unbelievable.

For a company like Discover Strength who values customer service as highly as just about anything else in our company, the customer service at Buxton is absolutely matching that. Their responsiveness, their, ability to help me understand as a non data person what it is I'm actually working with has just been absolutely exceptional.

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