How Fitness Franchise Discover Strength Uses Buxton for Marketing

Discover Strength works with Buxton to enhance marketing precision.

Hannah Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing at Discover Strength, was tasked with optimizing the company's marketing strategy. Using Buxton's analytics and marketing services, Hannah and her team were able to target people most likely to be Discover Strength's best customers with precision. Watch the video to learn how Discover Strength optimized their marketing strategy with Buxton.

Hi. I'm Hannah Johnson. I'm the VP of sales and marketing for Discover Strength.

What we hoped to accomplish with utilizing Buxton's marketing services is we want to be really efficient with our marketing dollars. It's important to us that we're not overspending on a certain demographic. We want to target the right people and utilize all of our marketing spend on those specific people. What Buxton allows us to do is target in on exactly who's going to be the best customer for us, who is going to drive more referrals for us in the long run, and spend more money on those specific people.

We utilize Buxton in three different ways for our marketing. One way we use it, really effectively for our mailing data. What we do is we actually get a mailing list of all of our primary contacts from Buxton. That way, we have very specific, people to mail to that is in our primary demographic.

Another way we utilize that mailing data is we actually give it to our digital team, and they repurpose those names to actually make a better make better data online digitally so they can make a copy of those people online and start targeting them digitally with our ads, which is great. And then a third way that we use it is just understanding our target demographic a little bit better.

This partnership with Buxton has been beneficial for me as marketing executive because I want to be really precise. I want to have data driven decisions, and Buxton allows me to do that. Otherwise, we're guessing where our money is going to be going when it comes to our demographic, whether that's mailers, whether that's digital, and Buxton allows us to be precise.

If I was speaking to another fitness professional about Buxton and whether they should use it or not, I would say it's definitely worth the investment. It's worth the investment to be precise around who you're targeting and also having the data to back it up, not just for you, but for every location, especially if you're a franchise to your franchisees, having that precision and data to back it up.

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