How Xponential Fitness Expedites Real Estate Decisions

Xponential Fitness uses Buxton and CoStar to streamline real estate decisions for its rapidly growing family of fitness brands.

“It’s going to help us get better locations and get better locations even faster” - Anthony Geisler, CEO & Founder | Xponential Fitness

I'm Anthony Geisler, the CEO and founder of Xponential Fitness. Xponential has a curator of eight of the best modalities in boutique fitness across the country. Going forward this year, we'll sell about 1,300 new locations, and open about 700, so real estate's a big endeavor for us. Obviously when, you know, signing 850 leases this year to get 700 stores open is a ton of work, and so, yeah, we use Buxton to run profiles on our customers. We do that about every six months across eight brands. So what's interesting that we do that other brands aren't able to do is we actually look at the profile differentiators between, say pilates and yoga, spin and barre, running, to see if we're tapping the same customer or we're actually tapping different profiles inside the same market, and then we're using CoStar to look for available real estate that matches those markets and those demographics. Using them together is an awesome integration, and we're really excited to see how that works out, and it's going to help us, you know, get better locations, and get better locations even faster. 

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