Navigating AI Challenges in eCommerce and Marketing

Discover insights from a panel of industry experts from Buxton and Describely as they dive into the complexities of AI in eCommerce and marketing and learn strategies to stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Practical Solutions to AI Challenges: Learn actionable strategies and best practices that effectively address and resolve common AI challenges in specific to both eCommerce and marketing. 

  1. Industry Insights from Industry Leaders: Gain insights from seasoned AI professionals and thought leaders from Buxton and Describely to enhance your understanding of AI applications in business.

  1. Exposure to AI Innovations: Learn about AI solutions and tools offered by Buxton and Describely along with practical examples of how these solutions can be applied to optimize marketing and eCommerce strategies. 

Moderated By:

  • Andrea Hektner, Marketing Specialist at Buxton

Featured Panelists:

  • Kyle Neipp, CX Manager at Describely 
    Kyle Neipp serves as the CX Manager at Describely, spearheading customer-facing operations with a commitment to enhancing user experiences across the customer lifecycle. Leveraging a background in technology, SaaS, AI, and now eCommerce, Kyle is enthusiastic about empowering eCommerce business owners to optimize their product content at scale. 
  • Jessica Curcio, Lead CX Specialist at Describely 
    Jessica Curcio is the Lead CX Specialist at Describely. As a champion of customer support, training, and education, Jessica helps Describely’s business users generate optimized, customized product content at scale with the power of AI. Jessica works closely with the Product, Engineering, Account Management, and Marketing teams to optimize the user experience across the customer lifecycle. With a background in DTC eCommerce Operations and Marketing, Jessica has ample experience navigating the challenges presented in these industries today. 
  • Gene Schoepp - Principal Evangelist for AI Strategy, Innovation & Ethics at Buxton
    Gene, a seasoned tech industry leader with a knack for turning the improbable into the future, is the Principal Evangelist for AI Strategy, Innovation & Ethics at Buxton. Over his five-decade career, he's honed a customer-centric approach to growing high-performing teams and delivering complex technology solutions. But don't let the impressive resume fool you - for Gene, it's all about the learning. In fact, it took him four decades to realize he loved to learn but hated being taught (a true "aha" moment if ever there was one!). Above all, Gene hopes to be remembered as someone who worked hard and tried to help people (in that order, or maybe not - he's still figuring it out!). 
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