Red Wing Shoe Company Grows Franchise and Canadian Locations

Red Wing uses customer analytics to drive dealer network expansion and Canadian growth.

Brent Jaynes, director of dealer development and contracts for Red Wing Shoe Co., was tasked with the challenge of opening new franchise locations in North America. Using SCOUT, customer data, and analytics, his team has been able to identify which markets and sites are best for expansion. Fine tuning their analytics strategy over the last decade, Red Wing has opened 12 locations in Canada over the last 15 months and has seen those new locations outperform even their U.S. stores.

Hi, I’m Brent Jaynes, Director of Dealer Development and Contracts for Red Wing Shoe Company. We’ve learned so much in the past six to ten years with Buxton that’s really changed how we view retail expansion and retail growth as a whole. When you have all of North America as an opportunity for expansion, that’s a pretty daunting task right there alone. You need tools like Buxton to be able to identify exactly where we need to target first, so we can target those specific customers, and then create marketing surrounded around that, and really cater to certain age groups. Partner that in with what kind of product we need, and then those locations, so those things all come together today, along with marketing, to really round out expansion, and then we’re constantly providing them our customer data all the time. It’s not something we give them every five years. We’re giving it to them monthly through a feed, so they’re really, almost real-time, providing us what kind of trends we’re seeing early on in the process. We’ve taken that same platform and we’ve now added that into Canada, so in Canada we had virtually zero stores. We’ve opened twelve in the past twelve to fifteen months, so we are actually having even better success in Canada as a result of all the hard work we’ve put in with Buxton identifying our customer in the United States to have a really robust program for Canada to really identify where we should be placing stores, and it’s making us a stronger brand, and it’s also bringing more awareness to our brand.

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