Temecula, California Uses Buxton Analytics to Understand Consumers

See how this southern California community utilizes Buxton for major growth.

Temecula, CA, located halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, is home to more than 109,000 residents. The city has utilized Buxton's advanced data insights to understand demographic and psychographic information about its residents in order to recruit the right types of retailers for the community. Since partnering with Buxton, Temecula has recruited Nestle Toll House Cafe, Total Wine & More and DSW Shoes.

>> MARYANN EDWARDS: Hi, I’m Maryann Edwards, Mayor Pro Tem of the beautiful city of Temecula in Southern California. Temecula is a beautiful city located midway between San Diego and Los Angeles in beautiful Southern California wine country. Temecula has grown over the years. We’ve become a thriving city of local businesses and families and we’ve got 109,000 now. You know, Temecula has grown according to a very sophisticated and well throughout master plan, and we have reached every goal and achieved all the dreams that we have realized on behalf of our residents. What we realize now that we’ve reached those goals, we’re going to take good to great. And to do that, we needed a different set of data, we needed a different way to collect and analyze data. How could we reach that next level? And Buxton had the answer for us. We’ve been so pleased with the type of data that Buxton has provided for us. Because of the innovative addition of the psychographics, which are key, you can’t discount that. You have to know what people are thinking and what their attitudes are. I think Buxton was the exact thing that we needed. They are innovative, they’re fresh in their ideas and the way they present their data, and it was what we needed to push us to that next level. SCOUT helps us in realizing that there are different ways to look at demographics and different ways to analyze what business needs today and how we can fulfill those needs as far as site locations, in providing them our statistics in a way that they can understand and realize that it’s going to fit their need. What Buxton provides is more than just demographics because just data and numbers and statistics don’t really tell the whole story. What you have to know is what’s inside the hearts of minds and the attitude of the residents that you’re serving. I see a great future with them because that’s the way cities have to grow in that way or they die.

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