Grow Your Business: Improve Existing Locations

Get the maximum revenue from your existing portfolio of stores.

At Buxton, we believe you have two ways to grow your business: add new locations and improve the performance of existing locations. In this video we discuss the ways to improve the performance of your existing network of locations through targeted marketing campaigns and identifying which stores are underperforming their revenue potential.

>> BILL: You have two ways to grow your business: add locations and improve the performance of existing locations. You think you have the right approach, but wouldn’t you rather know? [intro music] >> BILL: Let’s talk about improving the performance of existing locations. When you understand who your best customers are, and not just demographically, but how they live their lives and how they spend their money. And you know their proximity to your locations, then you know their value at a household level. Armed with this knowledge, you can target market to these potential customers in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Develop campaigns that literally say, “I want to talk to this house, but skip the three houses right next door. I want to talk to these two houses down the street, but with a different message or a different product offering. Talk to these prospects with direct mail, talk to these others digitally.” Understand what products and services my best customers would be interested in so I can add revenue streams into my locations. Understand which of my existing locations aren’t performing to their forecast based on poor operations. Using customer analytics, you’ll be able to evaluate your existing portfolio of locations in a fact based, data driven way, helping you break through the log jam of opinion, and take positive action towards growing market share. That’s how you improve the performance of your existing locations. Buxton has the solutions that get you the answers you need to grow your business in the easiest way possible. Get the right answers, make great decisions, drive results. This is how you grow your business. Buxton, answers for growth.
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