Buxton Launches New Scenario Scoring Tool for Real Estate Planning

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (June 27, 2017) — Buxton is pleased to introduce a new analytics tool designed for use in its SCOUT application: Scenario Scoring. The tool allows clients to use their existing real estate forecasting models to understand the net effect of simultaneous location openings or relocations.

While traditional single site scoring allows organizations to understand how a new site interacts with existing sites, Scenario Scoring allows users to evaluate the impact of changes to up to 10 sites simultaneously. The result is a more complete view of what will happen when multiple network changes occur.

“Today’s real estate professionals are evaluating a complex mix of location decisions, as many organizations work to rightsize their portfolios.” said Tom Buxton, president and CEO of Buxton. “Scenario Scoring is an invaluable tool for real estate portfolio management and affirms Buxton’s position as the industry leader in site selection analytics.”  

To learn more about the Scenario Scoring tool, please view the product video.

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