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Increase revenue through targeted marketing.

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Products to help you Improve Existing Locations

Existing Store Assessment

Increase the value of your existing stores.

Predictive Marketing Model

Maximize your return on marketing investment.

Visual Analytics Dashboards

Visualize data to find answers to your most important KPI questions.

Local Store Marketing

Execute marketing campaigns at the store level with LSMx.

Mobile Data Analytics Solutions

Use mobile consumer behavior data from mobile devices and auto GPS signals to understand your customers, competitors, shopping centers, and markets.

Hispanic Acculturation Insights

Understand your Hispanic consumer with acculturation insights.

Omnichannel Analysis

Understand the impact of your omnichannel efforts on your business marketing strategies.

Marketing Campaign Execution Services

Send your marketing messages to the right customers.
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By evaluating your existing store portfolio, Buxton identifies which stores meet or exceed expectations, and those that require further investment. We help you develop a roadmap for optimizing your operations at the store level and create targeted marketing tactics to drive revenue at stores that aren’t performing at their maximum potential.

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Find out how Buxton can help grow your business.