Addressable Market

Determine current reach and penetration by channel of your customer universe.


Buxton’s addressable market analysis determines new market opportunities in areas not yet marketed by the company you are targeting for acquisition. Additionally, it determines growth potential in current markets and limitations due to product or service saturation. The combined results of this information provide total expansion potential and market optimization.


What will the Addressable Market solution do for me?

Determine business growth potential.

Does your targeted acquisition company have room to grow, and if so, by how much? Buxton provides the answer.

Identify the right target markets.

Which markets offer the best growth opportunities for your targeted acquisition company? Validate geographic areas that can be successfully targeted for expansion.

Identify markets to avoid.

Buxton’s analysis determines which markets are already saturated or have limited potential for expansion.

Prioritize your efforts.

If you decide to move forward with the acquisition, Buxton’s analysis helps you to prioritize opportunities using proven data-driven metrics.

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